Meet The ESI Ninja


This started with a professional bio written in third person with a professional head shot (which I'll still post because I finally took a good picture). While the posts on here carry a certain level of professional experience they will also include some real life informal thoughts, opinions and ideas. So let's start with an introduction!

Hi! I'm Sara Skeens. Thanks for stopping by to read my little blog! I've worked in the eDiscovery field now for over 10 years. Working in positions in law firms, government and service providers. I worked with many different personalities and many different workplace cultures over the years. Assisting in small and large matters, simple and complex cases, civil and criminal proceedings. My experience has ranged from creating eDiscovery departments, preservation, collection, processing, review, analytics, production, depositions, trial & fact development.

But more exciting than my work history is my personal touch! I am a mother to two wonderful goofball children & I love yoga, music and photography. Balancing family, hobbies and a career  (especially in the world of eDiscovery) has been one hell of a journey and I want this blog to not only provide insight into eDiscovery but also strategies for balance and life!

Happy Reading!

The opinions and ideas expressed in this blog are my own and do not reflect the thoughts or opinions of my employer.